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July 29, 2008


Slobodan Milosevic

it would be interesting to hear about other restaurants' success stories during the tightening economy. although it was shocking to hear about Bennigan's/Steak & Ale's demise yesterday, I felt sorry for the worker from a competing restaurant who was handing out menus in Bennigan's parking lot yesterday - to diners who encountered the padlocked chain.

heck, her business is also feeling the economic pinch and a TV news crew portrayed her as being a vulture, circling the Bennigan's carcass. trying to make the best of a bad situation ...

Marlena Chavira-Medford

I was also surprised to hear about the closure of Bennigan's/Steak & Ale's because neither restaurant strikes me as a spot that's hurting for business. In fact, there's a Bennigan's and and Steak & Ale on Addison's restaurant row and both locations always seemed to be bustling when I drove down Belt Line. In fact, didn't that Bennigan's in Addison just get remodeled within the past year? I guess even that wasn't enough to keep the customers coming back.

Sammy Davis Jew-nior

I'm not surprised that those places are closing down. I have never even stepped foot inside of either one of those places in all of my years. Also, two places doing good business won't save the whole chain. Steak and Ale, more like lame and stale, amirite? They lost touch with the public and that is what happens to businesses who do that.

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