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July 01, 2008



Does anyone do homework anymore before writing or publishing a story? Looks like the answer is NO.

Here are the problems I see with mygallons.com site.

They state:
2000 members
Soft Launch in January

Registered Domain in March
Registered company in April
Got SSL Certificate 2 weeks ago (Not possible to run credit cards without it)
Have testimonials on their site (Not possible since no site, no members and it takes 1-6 weeks to get card)
Site went live last week

Not too good. They are not being honest and truthful. Make your own conclusion. Do I feel safe sending them my hard earned dollars, absolutely NOT

MyGallons Support

To clarify a few points that the reporter may have misunderstood. MyGallons ran a pilot program starting in April of 2008. The soft launch was June 23, 2008. The official launch was June 30th. Ironman's comments and conclusion are based on a these inaccuracies. The pilot program transactions were not conducted through the http://mygallons.com site, this takes care of the first three problems. The testimonials are accurate as the pilot program has been running since April. We are being honest and truthful, unfortunately we are not provided with the opportunity to fact check nor edit reporters before they are published.
MyGallons Support

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