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November 29, 2007


David Gonzalez

The whole thing was a crock. Polling consistently says that Iraq, the economy, terrorism and healthcare are far and away the biggest concerns of voters (Pew Research's Nov 2007 stats back this up). So, what do we get in the CNN debate? The Bible, homosexuality and immigration...which at least has been in the news a great deal (even though only 6% of voters say it's their top issue, according to Pew).

This is the problem with debates put on by organizations with political/programming agendas: the questions are slanted and the whole thing becomes a farce. Give me the Black Congressional Conference or League of Women Voters (both of whom do a great job on their respective debates) debate over a Lou Dobbs-focused CNN debate. At least there I know that there is an agenda, I know what it is, and the questions can be focused on a given group's concerns and issues out in the open.

My two cents...


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